Napa Sonoma Wine Guy, Tours  Operators & Promoters, Napa, CA
Napa Sonoma Wine Guy, Tours  Operators & Promoters, Napa, CA
Napa Sonoma Wine Guy, Tours  Operators & Promoters, Napa, CA

Having run wine programs for multiple restaurants since 1978 and selling millions of dollars (based on pricing from the 1970's & 80's) in wine, your benefit of  my gained experience, knowledge, and passion, is what I bring to each wine tour.

The goal is to introduce clients to high-quality wines, priced below the Napa Valley and Sonoma wine country "normal pricing structure." 

This is very different from the way the wine tour industry tends to operate. 

Often the wineries chosen are well known, good quality, but not that special in the big picture. 

Most wine tour companies (both large corporate type and small Intimate, Boutique companies) end up taking the cookie-cutter approach that leads all of them to the same wineries over and over.

Kickbacks are a major factor contributing to this practice, as unfortunate as that is!

​I do not do cookie-cutter tours, nor is the company swayed by kickback offers.

Think about it, cookies go with milk, not wine!

Passion driven is both the motto and practice.

All domain names represent the same company with the same vision based upon the love of both great food and wines.

Wine Tours Napa

Paré aka

Napa Sonoma Wine

The intent is to ensure that the personal wine country experience of Napa Valley and Sonoma will be filled with discovery. Many clients have confirmed that they much prefer the approach of   "off-the-grid " wine tours. 

One of the initial challenges was to build a list of high-quality wineries that would be available for an appointment, often on short notice.

Although no one can always get in without adequate lead time, being a "regular" means Napa Sonoma Wine Guy will have some pull!

Planning ahead is always advised though. Please confer with Napa Sonoma Wine Guy so that your itinerary is properly set up in advance.

The general rule is to limit groups to six or fewer, but there are exceptions.

Come enjoy, whether as an individual, or as part of a group of friends and or family. 

Some clients have a history of returning for Paré Tour service two to four times annually. 

Try NapaSonomaWineGuy once, and join the many also as a repeat client.

​We look forward to being of service during the next visit to the wine country of Northern California.

The In Depth Story 

Is this a promise or a threat? You decide!
Getting closer to it. Go inside to the tasting room and see what I too will become soon enough.

Earlyin the season. Not many visitors,

but so much beauty to see, always.

These are just babies, but great wine is what they will become. Come see, taste andreturn again and again, just like the grapes!

No wasted real estate here.

We have grapes to grow!

A somewhat typical beautiful vista from one

of Napa Valley' magnificent wineries.

A hummingbird at a remote winery

The grapes are safe,

only the nectar of the flowers for this guy!

Just beyond this tranquil setting, where the owners reside are some run down in appearance buildings where talented hard working people are crafting exceptional wines. When would you like to go?




Simply a wonderful couple. I can't wait for them to return. I have so much more to share with them this year!
Great Wines, Great People, Great Tours Great Times
It is far from being simply a slogan.
It is what Paré Tour delivers each and every time. Andiamo!
I am so fortunate to be able to meet such wonderful people. These two are my best example of the "speed dating approach to wine tasting."They know what they like, they taste, take notes, order, and move on. You have to love it!

British influence? That is a certainty at this estate.

The wines produced here are truly incredible as well. 

 Sammy is my Wine Tour Co-pilot,
only with your pre approval of course! 
Sammy is solely responsible for the introduction of a new varietal to Napa Valley. Cabernet Schnauzer anyone? 

Simply beautiful. It is everywhere you look. 
This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is just that simple.

You learn to love the fog that rolls in from the bay each night as it provides much relief from the days heat, for us and the vines! 

Not yet, but I am coming along. 

My older siblings are available to taste, just inside in the tasting room.

The caves are becoming new additions at many wineries. Both the new and old caves are a treat in themselves.