What do eggs and concrete have in common?

Why, wine of course!

Details, always evident here in Napa Valley!

In just one word, Yum!

Springtime is the season of promise


Napa, California 94559

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Napa Sonoma Wine Guy, Tours  Operators & Promoters, Napa, CA

Reserve as early as possible, especially if it is the busiest part of the season.

All too often many are "stuck" with a low level of service due to a delay in booking. Also some are forced to drive themselves, which is never a good or particularly safe choice!

Tell  the company ----

Wine Tours Napa Valley.net,

Pare Tour.com, aka

Napa Sonoma Wine Guy.com 

when  the wine tour is desired and an email or telephonic communication will be directed back with reservation information. Be sure to communicate if there's a special occasion. Please provide contact telephone number(s), number of guest in the party, and details available to facilitate proper booking. Partial payment requirements, cancellation policy, and, rates can be clearly communicated prior to booking if so desired. Checks require two weeks for clearing. Pay Pal payments are encouraged for reservation purposes.

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